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Cass Square Playground

Key Projects

Cass Square playground is a community facility that provides recreation and play opportunities for families in Hokitika.

Concerns were raised by the community regarding the standard of the play equipment and improvements were requested. An audit of the playground and equipment found that there were improvements to be made. During the Long Term Plan process in 2021 Council allocated $628,000 over the next 10 years for playground equipment and rubber matting upgrades, as well as ongoing maintenance.


April Cass Square playground was audited by an external consultant, standards of failure and required improvements were identified.

June Council allocated funding in the LTP to start work on improvements to the playground.
September Staff appointed The Playground Center to provide initial designs.

April Council agreed to investigate applying for additional Lotteries Funding and put the project on hold while the funding is secured.
September Application submitted to Lottery Grants Board.
November Annual Playsafe Playground inspection found 4 low risk issues, 31 low/medium risk issues, 14 medium risk issues and 4 high risk issues. High risk issues come with a recommendation for closure or immediate rectification.
December Lotteries Grant approved.

January Working group, including community members appointed.

Working Group workshop

  • Discuss progress on the plan.

Working Group workshop

  • Update from Samuel Blight and concept ideas.

Working Group workshop

  • Update from the funding group.
  • Update from Samuel Blight - establish final design requirements.

Next Steps

Council budgeted $521,460 in the 2021/2022 year for the renewal and upgrade of the Playground and surfaces at Cass Square. In the draft Annual Plan Council proposed carrying the budget into the 2022/2023 financial year.

By seeking additional funding the community will get the benefit of a larger facility without further community funding requirement. 

A draft design has been completed and further discussions are ongoing with the community. The working group is considering the best options for the playground and preferred equipment, and researching sources of additional external funding.

Playground equipment currently has approximately 5 month lead time from order to availability.


  • Council applied for lotteries funding on 7 September 2022, with a concept plan. Lotteries agreed to match WDC contribution of $510,000.
  • Let’s Play Hokitika - Kia Tākaro, a sub-group of Hokitika Community Trust are fundraising additional funds for the Cass Square playground upgrade. Any funds raised will offset the cost to ratepayers. Find out more and donate here.