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Licences and permits

Food licensing

If you are intending to sell food there are some processes you need to work through first.

Food registration is granted to the owner of a business, not the business itself. If you buy or lease a food business, you will need to apply for a new food registration before you can start trading.

Application fees

Application fees can be found in our fees and charges under Environmental Services.

You can pay online, over the counter at our service centre or by calling us on 0800 474 834.

Before you begin trading, you will need to register the business with Council.  Check the Ministry for Primary Industries website and complete the My Food Rules tool.

A small minority of food businesses may be exempt from registration, however all food sold must still be safe and suitable for consumption.  Follow the MPI guidelines on providing safe food.

Food businesses need to register with Council.  You may also need to apply for Council consents, licences and permits.

  • Resource consents & Planning issues: You might need a resource consent for your business activity. Contact our Planning department.
  • Building consents: If you plan to do any building work contact the Building department to find out what consents you will need.
  • Alcohol licence: You will need an alcohol licence if you intend to sell alcohol. See our alcohol licensing page for more information.
  • Permit to trade: You might need a permit to trade if you want to trade in a public place. Contact if you think this applies to your business.

Once you have worked out the plan or programme that applies to your business you can prepare and submit your application. You need to supply:

Every business that receives a food licence will be inspected within six weeks of the registration being issued.

If you operate under a Template Food Control Plan one of our Council Officers will contact you about a week before to arrange a visit.

If your business is registered under a National Programme and has an independent verifier, they should contact you before your verification is due to arrange a visit.

Registrations need to be renewed periodically

  • Operating on template Food Control Plan: every year
  • Operating on a National Programme: Every 2 years

The registration expiry date is on your certificate. A renewal invoice will be posted to you at least a month before the expiry date. It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date.

To change your contact details or any other changes email

If you sell your business, let us know the settlement date at the address above and we will end your registration on that day.

You can report any illness after eating food to the Communicable Disease Team at Community and Public Health.

If you have a complaint about the cleanliness, hygiene or other safety concerns about a food premises, complete a service request and a Council Officer will investigate the issue.