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Campgrounds and responsible camping

Westland District Council encourages campers to be responsible, treat our environment with care and respect our communities.

There are many different options for camping in the Westland District, with commercial operators, Motor Caravan Association (members sites) and Department of Conservation sites throughout the region. 

Camping in non-self-contained vehicles is only permitted in sanctioned Responsible Camping Sites.

The Responsible Camping season was not funded for 2022-2023 and  available free sites are in partnership with private businesses. You can find these listed under Responsible Camping Sites below. We advise considering alternative options where possible.

More information can be found below:

Only free camping sites offered by private businesses are open:

Freedom Camping was not funded for the 2022.2023 season and the following sites are not open for freedom camping. 

  • Okuku
  • Acre Creek
  • Beach Road
  • Bruce Bay
  • Hannahs Clearing
  • Jackson Bay
More information can be found below:

Non-self contained camp sites are available at the following locations:

Also, see the other camping options tab.

Campers are encouraged to use the commercial operators in the area, as this provides access to dumping stations, laundry and cooking facilities that are not available at our responsible camping sites.
Some camping options are:

Council dump stations are available in the following locations: 
  • Hokitika - Oxidation Ponds, SH6
  • Franz Josef - Between Cron Street and SH6
  • Haast - by the toilets on Marks Road