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Dogs and animal control

Microchipping your dog

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A microchip does not replace dog registration. Microchipping assists Councils, vets and welfare groups to return your dog to you if it gets lost, stolen or strays.

The microchip number is stored in a database and you are responsible for keeping your address up-to-date. It is not the same as the National Dog Database of registered dogs. Working dogs, as defined by s 2 of the Dog Control Act 1996, do not have to be microchipped.

Dogs required by law to be microchipped:

  • Dogs registered for the first time after 1 July 2006.
  • Dogs classified as dangerous on or after 1 December 2003.
  • Dogs classified as menacing on or after 1 December 2003.

When else can my dog be microchipped?

Any dog can be microchipped. Dogs adopted from the SPCA and other similar organisations are generally microchipped. Most NZ Kennel Club breeders will also microchip puppies before selling them. Your vet can microchip your dog. You can also make an appointment for Council’s dog control officer to microchip your dog.

Your dog will be microchipped by Council if:

  • If an unregistered dog is impounded, it must be microchipped before it will be released.
  • If a registered dog is impounded for a second time it must be microchipped before it will be released