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Your Council

Mayor and Councillors

The Westland District Council consists of the Mayor and eight Councillors. These positions are subject to election every three years. Election information for the Westland district can be found here.

Role of elected members

Elected members govern New Zealand Local Authorities by participating in legally constituted meetings of the Council and its Committees. The members collectively exercise the powers, duties, authorities and responsibilities vested in the Local Authority by the Local Government Act 2002 and other Acts.

To be effective in this role, each member has a responsibility to be well informed about the issues on which decisions are required. This does not only mean reading the reports and other documents that are provided but also keeping in contact with the various community groups, residents, businesses etc. that are affected by the decisions made to enable their views to be considered. In the end, however decisions should be made in the best interest of the community as a whole.

Council meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month.

Photographs - Katrina Thornley Photography


Helen Lash

027 242 7484


Deputy Mayor

Ashley Cassin

027 339 1214

Northern Ward

Reilly Burden

027 824 1048

Jane Neale

021 027 18810

Patrick Phelps

021 238 6846

Hokitika Ward

Donna Baird

027 567 7139


Paul (Tanka) Davidson

021 081 55642

Steven Gillett

021 755 246


Southern Ward

Ashley Cassin

027 339 1214

Brian Manera

03 753 3133
021 102 2866
(limited coverage)

Iwi representatives

Francois Tumahai

021 425 229​

Paul Madgwick

027 555 4267