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Work starts on new Cass Square playground


Cass Square playground will be closed from Monday 29 January as the contractors, Creo Ltd, start work building the new playground.

“Next Monday the contractors will be enclosing the current area with fencing to keep the site safe while the work is underway,” advises Jan Visser, Westland District Council Property and Facilities Manager. “Creo have subcontracted Westroads Ltd to work with them on the project and they will start by removing the old playground equipment to prepare the grounds for installation of the new playground flooring. Once the old equipment has been removed, it will be assessed for future usability, but it is likely that most of it will be sent for scrap recycling due to it being past its safe and useful life.”

“I am thrilled to see the project getting started,” says Westland District Mayor Helen Lash. “The Cass Square Working Group had a strong vision for a fun and inclusive playground, and I certainly believe we have achieved that goal. The development of this playground has very much been a team project with community input and involvement being paramount. It will be interesting to see the playground come to life over the next few months while Creo and Westroads work on the project. I can’t wait to see the final outcome and to share this with the community!

I would like to thank the community for their patience while the playground is closed. We appreciate the closure won’t suit everyone but it is difficult to find an ideal time to do work like this. We know the use is high while the weather is nice, but that is the best time to ensure that work can be completed without being delayed by inclement weather.”

The playground will be closed from Monday 29 January until the end of April, weather dependent. Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks the community for their support.


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