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Cass Square playground working group moving forward


Hokitika’s Cass Square playground upgrade working group met for the second time on 20 March to discuss the progress on the plan. The working group was formed following a workshop with the community in January 2023.

“It is pleasing to discuss the work that is being done to move the project forward,” says Mayor Helen Lash. “The working group has some great ideas. With the inclusion of local community members Cindy Greig, Nigel Ogilvie and Anthony Jones, elected members and staff are receiving helpful information about what local families would really like to have at the park. Alongside this, the group are also getting excellent advice from the contractor Samuel Blight about what we need to consider from an environmental perspective for long-lasting equipment.

There are some interesting options being considered that may reduce the costs of construction, however the most important thing is that we build a play-ground that is safe and that the community can enjoy for a long time.

We are really impressed with the dedication of the community members who are undertaking the fundraising efforts. There is a website being set up and this will be open for donations in the near-future.”


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Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor