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Representation Review 2024

In accordance with section 19H of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (the Act) Council must determine by resolution, whether members of Council are proposed to be elected; 

  1. By the electors of the District as a whole, or by the electors of 2 or more wards, or a mixture of the two? 
  2. Are Communities well represented? 
  3. Should Council create Community Boards? 

The full review document and ward maps are available below.

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Representation arrangements

Westland District has traditionally elected its members using the ward system. No community boards have ever existed in Westland.


Currently the District comprises of 3 Wards.

Northern Ward

All that part of Westland District north of the Mikonui River but excluding Hokitika Ward.

Hokitika Ward

All that part of Westland including the town of Hokitika, the area north to Three Mile and including the areas to the east known as Blue Spur and Brickfield as far as Pine Tree Road.

Southern Ward

All that area of Westland south of the Mikonui River.

Read more in the Representation Review document.

The existing Ward boundaries recognise the urban nature of Hokitika (Hokitika Ward), the rural principally dairy farming and small support townships of the north (Northern ward), and the geographic isolation and tourism dominated nature of the south (Southern Ward).

Read more in the Representation Review document.

Because of the size and diversity of the District, it is considered that effective representation of communities of interest can only be achieved by Councillors being elected on a ward basis.

Read more in the Representation Review document.

Historically, it is considered that Community Boards are not warranted.

The Council need to consider that this approach is still relevant.

Council should consider;

  • Do all communities enjoy fair and effective representation?
  • Could improved, fair and effective representation be achieved through community boards?

Read more in the Representation Review document.

Under s 19B of the Act, there should be no less than 6 councillors and no more than 30 including the Mayor.

The existing wards have provided fair representation, with a spread of members along the length of the District. The Council may therefore opt for the retention of the existing Wards.

Using Stats NZ representation tables, all wards comply with s 19V of the Act, where the variation to the population as a whole is within the +/- 10% rule.






Northern Ward





Hokitika Ward





Southern Ward










Read more in the Representation Review document.

Council resolved on 26 October 2023 to not establish Māori wards and to continue with the Manatu Whakaaetanga (partnership agreement).


Please note: submissions will be publicly available on the council’s website, through inclusion in council agendas, and/or retrievable by request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. Contact details will redacted under the Privacy Act 2020.