Rates Information

Rates are set annually in order to fund the net cost of running the district. The rate requirement is determined by the Westland District Council Long Term Plan, (or the Annual Plan) as part of the budgeting process and is then assessed on each property.

Rates must be paid by the due date.  We offer a range of payment options and are always willing to discuss the needs of our customers.

Westland District Council bank account number is 03 0850 0110046 000

Debit or credit cards can now be used to pay your rates either through our website or across the counter at the Council office.

Early Payment of Rates 

A discount of 2.5%, calculated on total rates assessed less adjustments and remissions, will apply when all due rates are paid in full, together with any outstanding rates and penalties from prior years, by the due date for payment of the first installment being 31 August.

If you have any queries please contact our office:


Find out if you're eligible to apply for a rates rebate

Rates Rebates

The Council can give out rates rebates on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). This subsidy is targeted at low-income earners to assist them with the cost of their rates.

The government has increased the rates rebates thresholds so many more property owners are now eligible.

You can apply for a rebate if:

  • you pay rates on the address you live at.
  • you were living at the same property at the beginning of the rating year.
  • your name is on the rates invoice.
  • the total income of the owners of the property is low.
  • The maximum rebate granted per year is $610 (2016/17).  Rebates will be credited to your rates account.

DIA have provided an electronic calculator. Visit the DIA website to find out if you're eligible and how to apply.

Rating System Explanation

Rates Remissions and Postponement Policies


For more information contact the Council.