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WDC enters negotiations for the Racecourse development.


Westland District Council enters negotiations for the Hokitika Racecourse development.

Westland District Council is entering negotiations with a developer to move ahead with the proposed housing development on the Hokitika Racecourse.

There has been a detailed process to date, including community and stakeholder engagement and the establishment of a Working Group to guide the project team and the process. The working group created Community Broader Outcomes, which were used in the process to identify the ‘right’ developer who would work closely with the Council and community to ensure the successful delivery of housing for the Hokitika area.

“We are excited to move ahead with this project,” says Mayor Helen Lash. “We have worked hard to ensure that this is a positive project with a beneficial deal for the current ratepayers and the user groups of the site – we will continue to work closely with all partners moving ahead.”

The project will see much-needed housing delivered through a staged development, allowing the Council to meet the needs of user groups in the build programme. An added benefit for the community is that the proceeds of the sale of the holdings will be used to create recreational amenities within the site. Any remaining funds can be utilised in other recreational reserves within Westland.

“It’s been a long but excellent process to continue with this development,” says Westland District Council Chief Executive Simon Bastion “This is a major development for the area and sees us address a housing shortage and also enable further growth for the local industries that are struggling to find appropriate accommodation for their workforce.”

The Council was allocated Crown funding from the Infrastructure Acceleration Fund to provide associated transport and water infrastructure for the planned development. This milestone in the project sees the private sector responding positively to the development and showing confidence in the district’s continued growth and development.


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