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Water Chlorination for Westland


Over the next three months, Westland District Council will be implementing chlorination around the district at water treatment plants that previously were unchlorinated.

Chief Executive Simon Bastion says, “This implementation is to meet compliance with the Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules 2022. These rules primarily impose requirements on drinking water suppliers relating to supplying safe drinking water.

Chlorination is used to ensure protection against water contamination in New Zealand and worldwide and is a safe and effective treatment. Over the last few years, using funding approved in the Long Term and Annual Plans, Council has invested in upgrading the water supplies to have a multi-barrier approach using filtration, UV treatment and other barriers at water treatment plants around the district. Adding chlorine to the process protects water in the pipes when it leaves the water treatment plant until it arrives through residents’ taps.”

Chlorination implementation is scheduled for the following communities –

  • Kumara
  • Arahura
  • Harihari
  • Whataroa
  • Haast

More information about chlorination can be found on Council’s website at:


Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor