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Racecourse land decisions


Community engagement drives Racecourse land decisions

A preferred option to develop the master plan for the Western portion of the Hokitika Racecourse site was agreed upon by the Elected Members at Thursday’s Council meeting. Consultants Josephs & Associates and the Chief Executive presented their report recommending that Council continues infrastructure works that have received funding through the Government’s Infrastructure Acceleration Fund (IAF) to enable the supply of housing. As part of the ongoing work, Council will seek to procure partnerships with developers with the expertise to undertake the housing development work.

“IAF funding will be applied towards, and accelerate the delivery of, transport, three waters and flood management infrastructure that will enable Council to realise future potential housing development on the Racecouse site,” advises Simon Bastion, Chief Executive. “An expression of interest / request for proposal will be developed and brought to Council for consideration before going out to tender. This process will be used to ascertain the best partner or partners based on the outcomes of the community engagement process.”

“Council welcomed the high level of engagement from the community,” says Mayor Helen Lash. “The comments and information from the community have helped us to make a considered decision about what the best plan is for the community in the long term.

We understand that there is a strong desire for continued recreational use at the Racecourse site, particularly for the equestrian community. The proposed area for development will not detract from the recreational use of the Eastern end of the site. Extending the road at Park Street will provide easier access to the recreational areas for all users. Other community members see the site as important for future-proofing the Hokitika township as we are impacted by climate change and enabling the town to grow. In continuing our agreement with Kainga Ora we acknowledge the desire of this sector of the community. The planned housing development provides for mixed use of housing, which we believe will suit the future needs of the community.”


Westland District Council secured $3.5 million from the Infrastructure Acceleration Fund in November 2022.

The IAF is designed to allocate funding to new or upgraded infrastructure (such as transport, three waters and flood management infrastructure) to enable new homes to be built in areas of high housing need.

Proposed work at the Hokitika Racecourse includes:

  • Site establishment and clearance.
  • Earthworks
  • Roading
  • Sewer mains
  • Stormwater mains
  • High pressure water
  • Footpaths and berms

Current cost estimates and budgets are between $3.1 and $3.3 million.


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