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New swing seat vandalised


Recent vandalism at Cass Square and graffiti around town highlights a growing issue for Council, with ratepayers bearing the brunt for repairs.

“The damage to the swings at Cass square, where someone has cut the seats with a knife, is really disappointing.” says Project Manager, Hamish Webster. “The good news is that the equipment remains safe to use, however, fixing it would be at the cost of the ratepayer and ultimately increase what we have to budget for in the next year. We would like to avoid that unless it’s absolutely necessary as a single new swing seat would be $250, and two of the four swings have already been replaced. This damage reduces the life of the swing seats. Plans for new playground equipment are underway, and it would be a shame if this happened to the new equipment. Building the best possible playground will be great for the local community, but we need to do it in the most cost effective way for ratepayers.

It’s also been noted that there is an increase in graffiti, particularly at Prossers Bush and Cass Square. This is something that costs ratepayers whenever Council has to clean it up and make repairs.”

Council would like to encourage the public to keep an eye out and if you see anyone vandalising the playground or tagging, please report it to the Police by calling 105. Consider your own safety first and don’t approach them.

If you see any broken equipment or graffiti it can be reported to Westland District Council through our website:


 Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor