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Hokitika Cenotaph refurbishment completed


Hokitika’s Cenotaph Memorial is now standing strong, returned to its former glory and ready for Armistice Day commemorations.

“Excluding some minor soil and grass seeding, which will progress imminently, the Cenotaph refurbishment project is now complete,” says Erle Bencich, Operations Manager.

“The project was undertaken due to identified structural issues and failures with the aged connection points between the top crest, the plinths, and the base structure. Without these being fixed, the structure was at risk of falling during an earthquake. The stonemasons have also cleaned the structure using specialist preservation techniques, which avoid any further damage to the stonework and bring it back to its original beauty. Visitors’ will also see the inscription ‘We lie dead in many lands so that you may live here in peace’, which is also inscribed on many other war memorials around the country.”

Isaac Construction Ltd undertook the final delivery and reconstruction of the structure following their purchase of Liddell Construction Ltd.

“An enormous amount of weight in marble was removed, and the support legs (plinths) hollowed to meet new engineering requirements and allow proper bonding between the individual components. This activity is very delicate and required highly skilled expert stone masons and specialised equipment.” 

Isaac’s will present an overview of the project and design delivery at the next council meeting on the 23rd of November.


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