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Council Hearing to be livestreamed at the RSA


The Mayor and Elected Members of Westland District Council will hear submissions, deliberate, and make decisions on amendments to the Draft Annual Plan 2024/2025 in the Council Chamber on Wednesday 15 May from 9am. The Council expects to hear verbal submissions in support of 27 written submissions.

Council acknowledges that due to the strong public interest in this year’s draft Annual Plan proposals and the hearing process there may be a greater number of people wishing to attend the Hearings than in past years.

The maximum number of people able to be safely accommodated in the Council Chamber is 60. Therefore, to ensure that those submitters who have advised they wish to speak in support of their submissions are able to do so, they will be given priority to attend in person over other interested members of the public. 

Unfortunately, Council cannot guarantee that those who are not speaking to their submission will be admitted to the Council Chamber. Therefore, to ensure we accommodate everyone, an alternative viewing venue has been arranged for those who would like to view the meeting but cannot be admitted to the Council Chamber. The meeting livestream will be shown at the Westland RSA, with the doors opening at 8am to ensure no one is disadvantaged in the viewing of the process.

While Council appreciates that this may be an inconvenience to some people, we thank you for your assistance in attending at the RSA.

The meeting will be livestreamed on Council’s Youtube channel for anyone to view who wishes to view from home or elsewhere.

Council will still be open for other appointments with staff as usual, and visitors should report to the reception.


Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor