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Compliance contractor issued with body camera


Westland District Council have today allocated a body camera for contractor waste and recycling field officers to record their interactions with the public.

“Issuing a body camera is something of a last resort,” advises Operations Manager, Erle Bencich. “But after repeated recent threatening and abusive behaviour towards contractor compliance staff it has become necessary. The body camera will provide an independent and unbiased way to record video and audio interactions between the community and field officers.

The cameras were already available for compliance staff to use in the field, so it makes sense for one to be allocated to improve safety for our contractor as well. Nobody should have to tolerate abusive behaviour when they are doing their job. We encourage anyone who has an issue with any staff or the work they are doing to follow the formal complaints process that they can find on our website.”

Westland District Council prioritise staff and contractor safety by supporting a zero tolerance policy when it comes to threatening or abusive behaviour.


The Customer Complaints Management Policy is available here.

An online complaint form is available here.


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