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Our cemetery database is available to search directly by records, or alternatively in our mapping system below. 
This database includes a comprehensive listing of interments from the following cemeteries: HokitikaKumara, and Ross.
Work is being done at present to add records for Harihari, Whataroa, Fox Glacier, and Okuru.

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Contact Information


Stafford Cemetery is closed. For record enquiries: Hokitika Museum, 03 755 6898
Hokitika Seaview Hokitika Council Customer Services, 03 756 9010
Kumara Greenstone Road, Kumara Council Customer Services, 03 756 9010
Ross Ruatapu-Ross Road (State Highway 6), Ross Council Customer Services, 03 756 9010
Harihari Main Road, Harihari Bede McGrath, 027 579 724
Whataroa Whataroa Flat Road, Whataroa Phillip Northcroft, 03 753 4150, phil.northcroft@xtra.co.nz
Fox Glacier Cook Flat Road, Fox Glacier Wayne Williams, 03 751 0826
Okuru Cemetery Haast-Jackson Bay Road Kerry Eggeling, 03 750 0848


Requests for information or corrections can be directed to the GIS team.