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Property, rates, and consents

LIM report information

Land Information Memorandum “LIM’s” contain information held by the Council concerning land and buildings.

Information available can vary but will always include the financial status of the land in so far as rates and charges are concerned.

If the land contains buildings, the LIM will advise of the existence or otherwise of building permits or building consents, as well as available services. Any relevant Resource Consents relating to the land will be listed as will any “Special Features” of the land known to Council.

New - Change in Service

A recent review of our LIM processing procedure has identified some minor changes to our LIM service. 

A LIM represents a summary of the key information held by Westland District Council for a given property. A Certificate of Title (CT) is not council data, and we do not manage that data.

Customers wishing to get a copy of a CT should contact Land Online directly. Similarly, Westland District Council does not hold or maintain HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) data.

Customers wishing to view HAIL information should approach the West Coast Regional Council directly.

From 19/09/2022 we will no longer provide Certificate of Titles with our LIMS.

When a LIM has been issued, any matters of clarification can be dealt with by contacting an appropriate staff member. If there is anything on the LIM that you are not clear about, it is wise to obtain explanations which could assist you.

Application and payment

Please complete the form below with your details, also indicating your preferred LIM processing timeframe. Note that your application will not be released until the fee is paid.

Processing timeframe fees:

  • Residential properties (LIM issued within 10 working days) – $350.00
  • Urgent LIM - 2 working days (residential properties only) – $500.00 
  • Commercial properties (LIM issued within 10 working days) – $550.00

Payment can be made via online banking prior to submitting the LIM request. Our banking details are:

Name: WDC, Westpac, Hokitika
Account: 03-0850-0110046-000
Reference: “LIM – Your Name” (Please do not use the property valuation number as reference)

Fees include GST. For further enquiries, please send an email to: