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Revell Street One Way Trial

Outcome of the trial

Council agreed to conclude the trial and make the one-way system permanent at the Council meeting on 28 April 2022.


In February 2021 Councillors agreed to trial a one-way system on Revell Street from the Weld Street intersection south to Hamilton Street in Hokitika. The purpose of the concept is to make Revell Street a point of interest and attraction for visitors and locals.

Initially, the trial was proposed to run for three months, but this was extended to six months from March 2021, and then extended until March 2022.

Stage 2 concept plan

Following a workshop in September, the Planning Committee received an updated concept plan.

Birds eye view of Revell Street and proposals for the one-way trial.

Click the image to view the full concept plan.

Footpath and kerb extension

Work on the footpath around Revell Street is progressing with Truline Civil completing the stamped concrete pavement outside Take Note Bookshop in late October 2021. The stamped set pattern is likely to be implemented on pavements throughout the rest of the CBD in the future. While the work is a permanent feature, it will not prevent the Council returning the street to a two-way system.

There are several work streams being undertaken along Revell Street, which are running concurrently:

  • Road safety improvements by way of kerb extension outside of Take Note which has incorporated stamped concrete paving. Road improvements will include the installation of x2 raised crossing points which will double as speed pacifiers. These improvements have been approved by Council and planned for the Hokitika Town Centre plan but were bought forward to coincide with other works at Revell Street. The 2x raised crossing points have been installed and have had road markings completed on them. These raised crossing points have already had a great impact in slowing traffic down. Please see attached photos.
  • Recently the unused Spark phone box has been removed and the kerb outside Take Note has been extended and repaved with the new coloured stamped concrete as approved by Council. This will be the chosen paving for Hokitika Town Centre as footpath replacements are undertaken. The use of concrete requires less ground preparation, allows for shaping and can quickly and easily be patched where necessary. It is a cost-efficient and durable medium in the West Coast elements.
  • The other component is the one-way trial itself, which includes the introduction of 6 removable decks, planters and street furniture with temporary changes to the parking layout. 6 removable decks have been installed and have had outdoor furniture installed on them. Planter boxes and gabion basket (bench seating) has also been installed. The angle parking has been removed and more parallel parking has been introduced.

Council meeting 24 March 2022

At the Council meeting staff proposed that Council undertake a consultation process with the public to decide the future of this section of Revell Street. Elected members opted to speak to the business owners along the street first before seeking the opinion of the community. Officers will report back at the April 2022 meeting.

 Meeting Reports and Minutes

Livestream recordings of previous Council meetings can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

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