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Plans, policies and bylaws

District plan

The District Plan provides a regulatory process for implementing policies prepared under Council’s LTCCP and Activity Management Plans and under the Resource Management Act.

The Council's intent of the District Plan is to provide for a vibrant District that provides for its natural and cultural environment and appropriately utilises Council infrastructure.

The first part of the District Plan sets out the key objectives of the Plan and the policies to achieve those objectives. The District is then divided into “Policy Units” or zones, which outline specific performance standards in set communities within Westland. There are also rules that apply across all zones listed in Part 6 and 8.

Subdivision similarly has its own section.  The Plan usually states what is a “permitted activity”, which is what can be undertaken without a consent. If an activity is not permitted then the District Plan outlines what status that activity will have and what matters the proposal will be assessed against.

In September 2018 Local Government Commission announced its decision to require Westland, Grey and Buller District Councils to combine their District Plans into one document. The combined plan has been named Te Tai o Poutini Plan.

Rex Williams has been appointed Chairperson to oversee the Te Tai o Poutini Plan and Jo Armstrong has been appointed as Project Manager by West Coast Regional Council. The process will be run by West Coast Regional Council, who have had statutory obligations transferred, giving them the appropriate functions as required under Resource Management Act 1991.

Information on the structure of committees and the process to be followed can be found here.

In the near future the Planning team will be gathering input from stakeholders and community with regard to opinions on zoning and rule changes which will inform the Te Tai o Poutini Plan process.

If you have a question about the Plan, please contact one of the Council Planners on 03 756 9010 or contact the Council.