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Creative communities funding

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Creative Communities Scheme

The Creative Communities Scheme is a fund aimed at supporting arts activities that celebrate Westland culture, community involvement, and celebrating our diversity, particularly Toi Māori/Māori Arts.

You can discuss your ideas for arts project(s) anytime by emailing the Community Services Officer.

Twice a year (March/April and August/September) Westland processes applications for funding from the Creative Communities Scheme, which are allocated by the Westland Creative Communities Committee.

Creative New Zealand sets the criteria, and provide the standard application form and guide.

The three main funding criteria are:

  1. Broad community involvement – the project will create opportunities for our local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities.
  2. Diversity – the project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of our local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
  3. Young people – the project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

The committee usually grants up to or around $2000 for a project (although this can vary depending on how many applications there are).

Impact of COVID-19

All applications and those considering future projects are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the Covid-19 latest updates when planning arts activities. We advise planning for alternatives and contingencies. In particular, please note what the requirements are at any particular date for the size of gatherings, and what health and safety measures should be taken for events.

Applications now open for the March 2023 funding round

For further details regarding the Council grants, please contact the Community Development Advisor.