Community Grants

Council Grants

  • Promotional grants for the promotion of Westland District. Advertised as they become available.
  • Creative New Zealand grants. Advertised March and August on the website.

Please contact the Community Development Advisor regarding available grants: 

DDI +64 3 756 9047

Rural Travel Fund

The Rural Travel Fund was launched by Sport New Zealand in response to concerns raised by Territorial Authorities about the lack of participation in sports by young people living in rural communities.

The Rural Travel Fund subsidises travel for junior teams participating in local sports competitions outside of school time.

Sport New Zealand provides Rural Travel Funding to Territorial Authorities that have less than 10 people per square kilometre, and who wish to participate in the Rural Travel Fund. Those Territorial Authorities then provide the funding to junior teams, and administer the funding.


More information can be found at the following website: Rural NZ Travel Fund

For further details regarding the Council grants, please contact the Community Services Officer.

Funding can also be sourced from the following groups: