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West Coast Mayors and Chairs Stand Strong in Support of NZ Farmers


The combined Mayors and Chairs of the West Coast Region stand strongly in support of the NZ Farmers in today’s protest against the Government's proposed agricultural tax emissions plan.

“We must protect our farming and rural communities at all costs.  They are a vital contributor to our economy both regionally and nationally and are some of the most sustainable food producers in the world, having one of the lowest carbon footprints.

The governments proposed tax emissions have the potential to create food scarcity and higher food prices with a significant volume of farmable land likely to be transferred to growing pine trees.

This tax emission plan is unworkable.  No government has the right to remove without consent the value of one’s land, production and business which will be the end result. Potentially 26% of all NZ farms could disappear due to this tax plan.

We stand strong as a region in supporting and protecting our farmers who are all highly valued contributors to our region.”

Mayor Jamie Cline (Buller)

Mayor Tanya Gibson (Grey)

Mayor Helen Lash (Westland)

Chair Alan Birchfield (West Coast Regional Council)


Media enquiries to:

Helen Lash, Westland District Mayor