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Water supply capacity remains stable


A lack of usual seasonal rain in Westland is not causing any major issues for water supplies to townships yet. While a decent fall of rain would ensure long-term water level security, the water situation is currently stable.

“Many of the rivers have reduced flows, and the underground aquifer levels are likely to have dropped, but we are not in a situation where we need to require the public to undertake drastic water conservation. However, we do ask residents to self-monitor and reduce unnecessary wastage. The current situation could change at short notice if the drought continues,” says Operations Manager, Erle Bencich.

“All the district’s surface water intakes were inspected in the last week. Ross Stream, Franz Josef and Fox Creek have lower flow levels than normal but they are maintaining levels for drinking water. We are keeping a close eye on these sites. Our other water intake sites are deep bore or river and lake intakes, and no low-level or no-flow warnings have been received. The surface storage tanks and reservoirs remain within safe work levels. If we have any concerns for the water levels we will be issuing notices to the public.”

Westland Mayor Helen Lash says, “I understand that there is concern in the community because of the issues that Grey District are experiencing with their water supplies. I am reassured that the assets team in Westland are keeping a close watch on the situation here and will provide the public with information if the water levels start to get low. In the meantime please make sure that you report any water leaks directly to Council and we just ask that people be aware of their own water usage in a pro-active manner.”


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