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Safety first at Sunset Point


Just before Christmas 2023, Council erected temporary concrete barriers at Sunset Point to regulate vehicle access to the beach. These have now been replaced with permanent rock barriers.

“Council put the temporary barriers in place following complaints from pedestrians and visitors about vehicles going down on to the beach, which was creating a safety hazard for other users”, says Operations Manager Erle Bencich. “Drivers were also putting themselves and their vehicles in danger of rolling over, which if it happened during tidal change would make recovery difficult.”

Multiple large rocks are now placed in various points at the turning head of Sunset Point, which enhances the appearance and safety, and matches the protection material of the stop bank. “At the same time as the rocks were positioned, we made some minor improvements to the walking access and existing surfaces that will make the area more pleasant and accessible for the public.”


Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor