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Northern Ward By-election to be called


Councillor Elect Ian Hustwick has tendered his resignation from the Westland District Council to Chief Executive Simon Bastion. Mr Hustwick’s resignation takes effect immediately.

Mr Hustwick advises, “Upon election as a Councillor and the subsequent information received in preparation for induction, I have reluctantly realised that my contribution to council business would be counter-productive to good governance.

The central government's political agenda and the resulting influence on local government operations are inconsistent with my personal beliefs. I would therefore find it impossible to make a genuine contribution without compromising those beliefs.”

“Under the Local Electoral Act, when a member resigns from office more than 12 months before a triennial election, that vacancy must be filled by holding a by-election”, says Anthony Morton Electoral Officer. “The Act does not allow the next highest polling candidate to take up that vacancy.”

“The by-election process starts with the receipt of Mr Hustwick’s resignation and must be completed before 17 February due to the special rules around resignations immediately after an election. A public notice calling for nominations to fill the extraordinary vacancy will be placed soon.”

Nominations to fill the extraordinary vacancy will open on Thursday 24 November and close on Thursday 22 December.

If more than one nomination for the position is received, an election will be required and voting papers will be mailed out to Northern Ward electors in mid-January 2023. Voting will close in mid-February 2023. The highest polling candidate would then take up the remaining Northern Ward councillor position once sworn in.


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