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Enhanced Annual Plan adopted


An Enhanced Annual Plan for the upcoming year has been adopted by Westland District Council. Changes were made to the draft plan over the last six weeks to provide some relief to ratepayers through reductions in the general rate increase.

There is good news for the Ross community, with the Council supporting the community’s feedback and keeping the budget to repair the structure at the Ross Swimming Pool. Residents in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier Townships can also celebrate, their strong support ensured the retention of their Community Development Officers with increased funding of $35,500 for each role. The Council has included the budget for earthquake strengthening at the current Council headquarters with community support and will plan to sell the Pakiwaitara Building, which will be consulted on through the Long Term Plan in 2025.

Reinstatement of funding will keep the public toilets at the Drummond Hall on Tancred Street open, and GreyPower and the Lions Club of Hokitika receive grant funding of $5000 each to assist with opening their toilet facilities to the public.. The Regent Theatre benefits from grant funding in 2024/2025 of $64,840. The Council will continue to collect the Hokitika Area Promotions Rate from Hokitika businesses on behalf of Destination Hokitika.

Mayor Helen Lash says, “Of the final rate increase of 18.64%, 16% is directly connected to the 3 waters depreciation, therefore affects the targeted 3 water rates only. The figure of 16% is only relevant to this years rate strike and not future years. Overall, the general rate increase sits at 2.64% which is less than the current CPI. It is council’s intention to ensure next year’s rate strike sits at a more manageable level for all.

The community’s input, direction and guidance around public facilities is greatly appreciated and council looks forward to working closely with our communities moving forwards.”


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