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Departing Councillors Recognised


Four new faces are guaranteed to be at the Council table in October, with three current Councillors and Mayor Bruce Smith standing down. Following on from today’s final meeting of the 2019-2022 triennium, elected members, family, friends and staff gathered to recognise their time on Council.

Councillors Anna Hart, Ian Hartshorne and Jenny Keogan have not put themselves forward for re-election in the 2022-2025 triennium.

“It’s been an interesting six-years as Mayor,” says Bruce Smith. “I’d like to thank every elected member that I’ve worked with in Westland, the West Coast and throughout the country.

The team that we’ve had this triennium has been a great one and I really hope that Councillor Hart, Councillor Hartshorne and Councillor Keogan have enjoyed their time on Council. They have all made very valuable contributions to the debate around the table and they can be proud of the work they have done to represent and improve things for the communities within their wards. I believe that we have done some really good work as a Council.

Unfortunately, the last six-months have not worked out as I had planned and I am not seeking a seat at the Regional Council as I had expected to. I will still be doing what I can to support the community and continue to make Westland a great place to live and work.”

Simon Bastion Chief Executive adds, “At the end of each triennium, we know that there will be elected members who chose not to stand again. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of each and every person at the Council table. This triennium has been an interesting one, and with current reforms it will not get any easier for Councils and communities. Anyone who spends any time as an elected member is to be congratulated. It can be a hard task to step-up for your community and Councillors Hart, Hartshorne and Keogan have shown real leadership for their wards.”


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