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Dedicated home for the MTFJ programme


With a need for dedicated space to offer their services, the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) team is moving their operations to the Council owned Pakiwaitara building at 41 Weld Street.

Westland Workforce Coordinator, Charlotte Bradley-Peni says, “At present our team does not have a dedicated space and the programme has been so successful in Westland that we need to increase our team. It will make a big difference to the youth and employees that we work with to have a youth-friendly place that they can come and meet us. It can be quite intimidating for them to come to a formal meeting room in the Council so this will help us to develop relationships in a space that’s focussed on them.

Having more space will also allow the MTFJ to run workshops and collaborate further with other local stakeholders. An important aspect of the MTFJ programme is to provide wrap-around services to provide the participants with the best possible outcomes. We will welcome sharing the space with other services, such as our partner the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), to ensure the services are available. This will also allow us to develop youth and employment centred workshops in partnership with our incredible local partners.”

Since its inception in 2020, the MTFJ has supported 193 participants and provided 100 additional training opportunities. The programme is funded through MSD at no cost to Westland ratepayers. Since July 2020 the programme has invested $1.2 million into the Westland District and will receive further funding to continue in the 2022/2023 year.

The MTFJ programme is a nationwide network of New Zealand’s mayors, developed by Local Government New Zealand. Westland District Council along with 24 other rural councils have partnered with MTFJ to deliver the programme that is primarily focussed on youth 16 – 24 year olds securing employment as well as people living with a disability, those in long term unemployment and others at risk. With the success of the programme in Westland, the team is on the search for a Youth Facilitator to extend the programme and establish youth based projects over the next year.


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