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Council awaiting outcome of their Better Off Funding application


The application for the first tranche of Three Waters Better Off Funding was finalised and submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs last week. A total of $2.79 million available in the first tranche is earmarked to be spent on projects throughout the entire district from Otira to Okuru that contribute to and benefit the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of the district.

The application, put together by Council’s Asset Strategy and Development Manager, Louise Dando, says “Unlike other Councils with significant funding available for one or two large scale projects, we propose to allocate the first tranche of funding towards 73 individual projects spread across the Westland District. Through a series of workshops, Council expressed a desire to provide immediate benefit across our district that will make a difference to multiple communities. Some of the projects are new, others are projects that Council have already identified but could do sooner, or better, with the additional funding.”

The 73 projects have been grouped into five portfolios based on the overarching criteria and conditions identified in the guidance to Councils:

  • Community Funding, $500k;
  • Community Halls, $900k;
  • Community Resilience, $200k;
  • Culture and Heritage, $500k; and
  • Township Improvements $690k.

Oversight and implementation of the projects will be carried out internally or externally where appropriate. Some projects, such as those within the Community Funding portfolio will be managed by the specific community group or organisation who requested the funding, with formal agreements in place.

“Once the Department of Internal Affairs has reviewed the application, which we anticipate taking about six weeks, the project team are ready to get started on the projects,” advises Simon Bastion, Chief Executive. “We are very positive about the outcome of the review and the long-term benefit for the community. It is not often that we receive such a windfall from the government and we are determined to make as much difference as possible.”


Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor