Water Alert Status

Water Alert Status

See the table below for a current status of our water restrictions for the Westland District.

Summer water conservation reminder and tips from Westland District Council – November/December 2018

As you will be aware, many communities experienced significant water shortages last summer. To prepare for this upcoming summer season, we would like to remind you about ways to save water and our water alert grading system which will be used again this year.

Why do I need to conserve water?

With high rainfall on the West Coast, you may think why do I even need to save water? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always rain in the right place at the right time! Over the last few summers we have faced drought conditions more frequently due to drier, hotter weather. Higher water demands have also places stress on the water treatment processes required by legislation.


Alert Level Alert Description Locations
Water Alert Level 1


Residents are advised that the water supply is expected to come under duress. 

Please reduce non-essential water usage and be aware that this alert level may increase.

Arahura (25/02/2021)
Water Alert Level 2

Water on alternate days

The water supply is under considerable pressure and large water savings are necessary.

Hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems can only be used on alternate days (even street numbers on even days; odd street numbers on odd days).


Water Alert Level 3

Sprinkler Ban

The water supply is under extreme pressure.

Hand held hoses should only be used on alternate days (even street numbers on even days; odd street numbers on odd days).

Sprinklers, garden irrigation systems, water blasting and other non-essential water use is banned.

Water Alert Level 4

Total Watering Ban

The water supply level is critical.

All use of water outside the house is banned (except for emergency purposes e.g. firefighting).

Take all practical steps to reduce water usage immediately.



Water Supply Bylaw 2016

Westland District Council’s Water Supply Bylaw 2016  outlines the permissible usages of the town water supplies and activities that are not allowed.

We would like to remind members of the public that:

  • it is an offence to take water from any stock effluent site. This includes taking water to fill water vessels or hosing vehicles down
  • no persons are permitted to interfere with the town water supplies or make unauthorised connections to these supplies
  • town water supplies are provided for general household consumption. Extra-ordinary users of town water supplies (those that draw excessively high levels of water for non-household usage) may be subject to additional water charges.


Keep an emergency water supply of drinking water

There are times when water supply may be interrupted for one reason or another, so we recommend that households store nine litres of water per person. This will enable households to survive for three days without township supplied water should this be necessary (for example, in the event of a Civil Defence emergency).

Household water hacks

Small differences in our water habits can make big differences for our environment. Here’s some simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Limit garden watering by using surface mulch as much as possible. Use watering cans in preference to sprinklers or if you have a sprinkler system ensure you fit a timer to it.
  2. Use a broom or leaf blower to clean driveways and porches rather than a garden hose.
  3. Fix tap leaks and replace washers where necessary.
  4. Use water-saving appliances (if possible) and wait until you have a full load of laundry before turning on washing machine. Front loading washing machines use only about a third of the water of top loaders.

Westland District Council thanks you for your cooperation in protecting our community water supplies.

Please direct all enquiries to   or 03 756 9010.