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Critical messages via text alerts – Opt-in and opt-out

Westland District Council (WDC) has a SMS Alert information service for our local community. This facility allows WDC to send targeted SMS text messages of critical importance to individuals and groups who subscribe to the service using NZ mobile phone numbers.

This is not used to communicate promotional or business-as-usual messages. It is used in situations regarding critical infrastructure or services where getting the information out in a timely manner is of utmost importance. Examples of what WDC uses this platform for include boil water notices, critical inclement weather or road updates etc.

There is no cost to sign up for the SMS Alert service. This service only works with NZ mobile phone numbers.

If you sign up and later change your mind, or if you find that we have included you in our database of subscribers and you want to unsubscribe, simply reply STOP to the message that you have received. This will remove you from the list and prevent further messages being sent to you.

WDC will do its best to target messages to you, dependent on the geographic location you are associated with i.e. Haast residents would receive notices relating to Haast (or nearby e.g. Jackson Bay) issues whereas residents in Kumara would only receive alerts relating to issues in or near Kumara and so forth.

Example 1:
### WDC ALERT: Bridge out at XYZ. Check for more information. ###
Example 2:
### WDC ALERT: Boil Water Notice for xyz area in effect immediately. Check for more information. ###
Example 3:
### WDC ALERT: Flooding reported in xyz area. Check for more information.  ###

These example messages would be sent to those mobile phone numbers that are registered for the service, or that already exist within Council databases e.g. our rates system, and which are geographically relevant. If you would like to have your mobile number registered for this service, please sign up using the form below.

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Please enter your number in a format like: 0218889999
Please help us by indicating your general geographic area. These also include smaller townships in the general area that you select (E.g. Kokatahi would be included in the Hokitika area).