Summary of the WCWT Subcommittee June 2020

West Coast Wilderness Trail Subcommittee

11 June 2020, 3pm

Adopt Terms of Reference

Simon Bastion, Chief Executive introduced the report and advised that the Terms of Reference provides the key responsibilities of the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee adopted the Terms of Reference.


West Coast Wilderness Trust Chair

Geoff Gabites and Jackie Gurden gave a verbal update about the Trust and the work that is being done and intended to do.

  • Communications around weather events
  • Market research
  • NZ Cycle Trail survey

The Subcommittee received the verbal update.

West Coast Wilderness Trust Manager

Jackie Gurden, Wilderness Trust Manager gave a verbal update.

NZ Cycle trail do an annual WoF of the cycle trail and the trust receives a report. Online feedback through online surveys, generally good feedback with few issues. Issues are directional signage on trail. Tour Aotearoa – more information to be advised.

Westland Cycle trail network – other cycle trails outside of the WCWT eg, Paparoa track, Reefton, Old Ghost Road, a real regional network. Protect and strengthen is the wider strategy. Strategy is not to build more trails but improve what is already there and generate revenue from riders on the trail.

Committee accepted the verbal update.

Projects and Draft Asset (Activity) Management Plan

David Inwood, contractor, presented to the subcommittee and discussed plans for enhancements to the trail and the future plans under the draft Asset Management Plan.

The Subcommittee received the verbal update.


Memorandum of Understanding

Chief Executive, Simon Bastion spoke to the report on the review of the memorandum of understanding between Westland District Council, Grey District Council and West Coast Wilderness Trail Trust for the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

The Subcommittee adopted the amended Memorandum of Understanding.

Safety Update

Louis Sparks, Group Manager: District Assets, gave a verbal update on safety upgrades to the trail.

Mahnaipua bridge has been upgraded by Trustpower. NZTA is working on widening bridge.

Following the incident where weir supports flooded out, Destination Westland will look at locking the gates based on weather forecast.

In discussions with Rural Connectivity Group about mobile reception. This will also provide access to telemetery forecasting.

Work is happening on the storm damaged zigzags at Cowboy Paradise and additional safety barriers. Completed the culvert upgrade at Cowboys Paradise.

The Subcommittee received the report.

Summary of the WCWT Subcommittee meeting