Summary of November Council Meeting

Summary of Council Meeting

24 November 2019


  1. Council adopted an amended Local Governance Statement for the triennium.

This document is a collection of information about the processes through which the Council engages with its community, how the Council makes decisions, and how citizens can influence those processes. A local governance statement helps support the purpose of local government by   promoting local democracy. 

The document will be available on the website.

  1. Council adopted the amendments to the Delegations Manual. The Delegations Manual defines methods and means of operations and managerial and administrative relationships. The manual is related to other key documents including Council’s Bylaws and other formal expressions of policy.

The document will be available on the website.

  1. Council confirmed the recommended the Councillor liaison appointments – these can be found here.
  2. Council received the Audit Management Report for the 2018/19 year. The Audit Management Report is very positive, it has noted a number of areas for Council to improve, however it also notes that there have been improvements: Quality of the report, and supporting documentation, received was significantly improved compared to last year. The efforts of Council staff were apparent and appreciated.
  3. Council approved unbudgeted expenditure to allow the Chief Executive to provide additional support to the Governance function of Council.
  4. Council appointed Equip Ltd Partnership to assist Council to provide an independent investigator in the event that any complaints are made against the Mayor or Committee Chairs. This will reduce the likelihood of an investigation being unduly influenced.
  5. Council received the October Financial Performance Report, which provides Council with a summary of the month’s financial activities.
  6. Council approved the departure from interest rate risk control limits in the Liability Management Policy to the end of the financial year 2019-20 or on subsequent advice from Councils treasury advisors.

Staff reported to Council that since the Departure from Liability Management Policy report was written, our current liability has dropped from 51% to 41%. Staff are working with our Treasurer PwC on a strategy to ensure that we are able to meet the interest rate risk control limits by putting together a more accurate 12 month debt forecast.

  1. Council adopted the Asset Management Planning Policy, which gives clear direction to asset management planning staff, contractors or consultants about the expectations in regards to this function. It also outlines related policies, legislation and a clear, concise methodology for achieving the objectives.
  2. Council agreed in principle to the disposal of part Marks Road Reserve as requested by Fire and Emergency NZ for the purpose of a new Community Fire Station and staff will undertake a Special Consultative Procedure in the New Year to consult with the Community on agreement in principle with the disposal of Part Marks Road Reserve for the purpose of a new Community Fire Station.
  3. Council released funds for Hari Hari Community Association to purchase a ride-on mower for the Hari Hari Community Hall and playground area. The remainder of the funds will be retained in the Hari Hari Complex Reserve fund tagged for future community projects in the Hari Hari Rating District.
  4. Council approved the installation of a Tohu Whenua Pou at the Tancred Street viewing platform in the heritage precinct of Hokitika. This recognises the Port and commercial area as significant to NZ history.
Summary of the November Council meeting