Summary of June Council Meeting

Council Meeting 25 June 2020


Council received an update from Simon Bastion, Chief Executive, on the current status of the items in the Action List.



Peter Connors, Colin Hay and Moira Whinhamfrom NZTA provided a verbal update to Council on the projects in and around Westland and the current strategy for resilience of the State Highway in the region.

DIA Oversight group

Council received a verbal update from Richard Hardie, Manager Operation and Policy and David Spence Senior Analyst, Department of Internal Affairs.

Last November the Minister determined that a Crown Observer was not required. Instead an oversight committee was formed. At the meeting Council was informed that the role of the oversight committee was to understand why long term issues occurred and ensure that improved practices are embedded into the ongoing work of the Council. An interim report to the Minister is complete and the Oversight Committee is encouraged by progress and work into developing robust processes, particularly the induction process for Councillors following the election. The oversight is in place until the end of June provided that the minister is satisfied with the work that Council has completed and is assured that the progress will continue going forward.


Financial Report May 2020

Lesley Crichton, Group Manager: Corporate Services, spoke to the report. Advised that while debt had gone down since the previous financial year there would be an impact from the Covid-19 situation. In the future as Council has better information about assets the carryovers will reduce as projects will be scoped with proper understanding of the needs.
Council received the report.

Rates write-offs and Remissions 2019-20 

Lesley Crichton, Group Manager: Corporate Services, spoke to the report for Council to approve the write-off of rates debts deemed to be uncollectable, and to apply remissions for the financial year ended 30 June 2020. Council approved the rates write-offs and remissions.

Muslim Cemetery Hokitika 

Louis Sparks, Group Manager: District Assets, spoke to the report and advised the report was to provide an update on staff progress to investigate options to offer plots in the Hokitika Cemetery to meet the needs of other religious faiths. Council resolved to approve the formation of a Muslim burial area in the triangular section proposed in the report appendix.

Review Submission from Anthea Keenan in regards to Trespass Notice

Simon Bastion, Chief Executive, spoke to the report for Council to consider the submission made by Mrs Keenan regarding the Trespass Notice issued on 4 April 2019. Council delegated the final decision to the Chief Executive, to be supported by Council and conveyed to Mrs Keenan before 30 June 2020.

Statement of Intent – Westland Holdings Limited

Joanne Conroy, Chair of WHL spoke to the report and advised no major changes to the Draft SOI apart from reflection of the effects of Covid-19. Council approved the Statement of Intent.


Summary of the June 2020 Council Meeting