Summary of Econ Development Meeting - May

Summary of Economic Development Committee Meeting 19 May 2020

The meeting began at 3pm

Shovel-ready projects and rural connectivity rollout Nick Manning and Graham Mitchell from Crown Infrastructure 

The Committee received an oral update on Westland broadband and mobile connectivity.

A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.

Development West Coast Verbal update from Heath Milne from Development West Coast

The Committee received an oral update on the current activities of Development West Coast.

  • Development West Coast is focussing on ways to boost domestic tourism following the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted and working with partners such as Christchurch Airport.
  • Currently conducting a follow up survey on effect of Covid-19 on businesses – what’s occurred in last 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Key focus: keep businesses alive – take advantage of central government funding. Actively support.


Provincial Growth Fund Verbal update from Penny Bicknell from Provincial Growth Fund

The Committee received an oral update on current Provincial Growth Fund projects.

  • Some funded projects have been rescoped.
  • 4 unannounced projects that will be announced shortly.
  • Fund focus post Covid-19
    • Jobs, velocity, visibility
    • Creating jobs now, so if not shovel ready they won’t be looked at in immediate future.
    • Activity within 6 months with consents already approved.
  • 7 new sectors created through recent cabinet paper
  • 50% for infrastructure, 50% tourism

A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.

Independent Committee Members for the Economic Development Committee Verbal discussion from His Worship the Mayor Bruce Smith

Mayor Smith advised the Committee that he believed having members of tourism, farming and business community on the committee as members would be very beneficial. The committee members agreed and asked the CE to begin the process.

Summary of the Economic Development Committee Meeting Tuesday 19 May 2020