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Civil Defence Updates – Cyclone FEHI


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Update: Wednesday 31 January 3.40PM

Cyclone Fehi is expected to affect Westland District south of Otira from approximately 9PM tonight through to 9AM Friday morning bringing high rain, high wind gusts and storm surges from the sea.

RAIN: 250-400mm of rain are expected to fall between the time period outlined above, with peak intensities of up to 30-40mm per hour.

WAVES/STORM SURGES: Waves of 5-7M high are expected on Thursday with a king high tide forecast of 3.6 metres at midday Thursday.

How residents can prepare for the storm:

SANDBAGS: If you would like sandbags to be delivered to your property please phone Westroads on 03 756 8044. They will provide the bags and sand - you will be responsible for placing them where you need them.

SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS: If you have something in your backyard or on your property (e.g. trampoline) that could blow away in high winds please tie it down to secure it or move into shed or garage. If you have something low to the ground that could get wet, move it to higher ground if at all possible.

TALK TO US / GET MORE INFO: You guys are our eyes and ears. Neither we, nor or contractors, can be in all places at once. If an issue presents itself please phone the Council Customer Service Centre on 03 756 9010. After hours listen to the voice message and select the option for after hours water issues. This will transfer you to our contractors direct who will be working overnight.

You can also share your photos with us of issues using this link:

This lets us assess the seriousness of different parts of Westland and we can share the photos with our contractors.

The West Coast Civil Defence website is also another handy source of information: (Scroll down to information and situation map on front page)

ROADS/DRIVING: The NZTA website is a good source of information on the status of State Highways:

If travelling overnight please drive with extra care and patience and slow down.

You can also phone Fulton Hogan to report issues on state highways: 0800 44 44 49


Stormwater flooding incidents can pose public health issues due to the additional strain it places on wastewater systems.

Our Building Control Manager has come up with some helpful hints and tips for how you can keep you and your family safe when stormwater flooding occurs near your property:

Please keep your children out of the affected area. Children can be curious and want to splash through the puddles – please ensure that they do not.

People with cuts, grazes and abrasions should also take extra care to avoid affected areas due to risk of infection.

Do not go outside in bare feet – wear gumboots if possible and long sleeve pants and avoid stepping through stormwater puddles if at all possible. If this is not possible, shower thoroughly after walking through affected areas.

Please keep pets indoors (or securely fenced away from affected areas) to ensure that they do not wander through stormwater flooding or drink from affected areas.

If the need arises to sandbag your property, please sandbag your gully traps first as this will offer the most protection to your household water and wastewater systems.


Due to the risk of storm surges Council is closing Sunset Point to campervans and beach access at 6:30PM. Campervans should go to the nearest camping ground for safe accommodation overnight.

Pedestrian access to the beach is at your own risk. Swimming and surfing in the sea is strongly discouraged until this storm front passes.


WATER: Sometimes flooding issues can interfere with the smooth running of water treatment plants. In the event that a boil water notice is issued, you

will need to boil or treat all water from taps / tankers before drinking, brushing teeth or using in food preparation. Bringing water to the boil is sufficient to kill bugs. Water that is visibly clear can also be made safe to drink by adding half a teaspoon of a standard bleach such as Clorox or Jenola (unscented) to 2 litres of water. Employers should make sure boiled or bottled water is available. Check your water supply and if it has been affected by surface run-off, don’t use it.

FOOD: Make sure your cupboards and fridge are stocked now. With the weather conditions, authorities are likely to recommend staying at home.

If you do lose power, avoid opening your fridge and freezers if you can. Use perishable foods first but if in any doubt as to their freshness (if they look or smell funny, or the power has been off for some time), throw them away.

Have an alternative fuel source available so you can cook – i.e. gas burner, in case the power goes out.

WORKPLACES: Give some consideration to shutting your business (if non-essential) for the day. It’s likely travel will be dangerous and police will be warning people to stay at home. Look after your staff by allowing them to stay home.


If you require medications, make sure you have them now, as you may be unable to get them in the next two days. If you need to see a GP and have trouble getting there, phone your GP. Postpone any non-urgent appointments. Check on neighbours and vulnerable people near where you live to reassure them and ensure they have everything they need.

Surgery and outpatient clinics (including endoscopy and Allied Health) in Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport will continue dependent on clinicians and patients being able to attend. If you are unable to attend safely, or you want to check it is still running before you leave home, please ring the Central Booking Unit (03) 769 7400 ext 2901. They will help you reschedule where necessary.

REMINDER: Any issues contact us on 03 756 9010.


ORIGINAL MESSAGE (posted Tuesday 30 January 2018):

Tropical Cyclone Fehi is forecast to move out of the tropics mid week, and pass across Westland late Thursday or early Friday morning as an unusually deep low.   Models are in general agreement with the track of this low, and forecasters will monitor it’s track as it approaches New Zealand.   There is a high threat of storm surge about coastal Westland and Buller, especially when king tides occur midday Thursday and shortly after midnight Thursday.  In addition, a period of damaging gales, and heavy rain, is likely over Westland and Buller as this low passes across.

Expect waves of 5 to 7 metres from about midday Thursday to early Friday morning.

Expect king high tide of 3.6 metres about midday Thursday , and 3.5 metres just after midnight Thursday.

Atmospheric low pressure may add an additional 40 to 50cm of sea level rise to the high tides detailed above.

With the king tide expected around midday and midnight, and the sea level rise of 40 to 50cm as the low passes across Thursday or early Friday, there is the potential for a storm surge of 70cm to 1m in addition to the average high tide mark.

West Coast Civil Defence Emergency Management Group expect to issue further Communications regarding this approaching weather system over the next 12 hours.



Forecast map:

Tropical Cyclone Fehi is forecast to move out of the tropics mid week, and pass across Westland late Thurs or early Fri morning.