Speed Limit Trial

In November 2018 Council resolved to trial lower speed limits on a number of high profile roads in the district. Signposts with new speed limits are now being erected. The temporary speed limits will remain in place until 31 May 2019, unless formally adopted by Council at an earlier time. A wider speed limit review is planned towards the end of May and will involve public consultation with the public invited to submit their thoughts on the new speed limits.

Initial public feedback on the proposed changes was overwhelmingly positive and areas that are not part of the trial are currently being considered. Many of the rural roads outside of town carry open road speed limits, but the conditions of the roads, which is more challenging than the State Highway network, mean they are not suitable for these speeds and most traffic travels at a lower speed.

Trialling speed limits gives the public an opportunity to understand how the lower limits affect their time on the roads and will allow them to provide valuable feedback. The Council will have the opportunity to make adjustments as a result.

Roads being trialled are:

Old Christchurch Road – Combination of 80km/h on the sealed section and 60km/h on the unsealed section

Hauhau Road – 60km/h on the unsealed section from the top of Blue Spur to Kaniere Township

Lake Kaniere Road – 80km/h from the End of the Kaniere Residential area to the 50km/h Zone at the lake

Milltown Road – 60km/h for the entire length

Hans Bay Settlement – 30km/h

Dorothy Falls Road – 60km/h for the entire unsealed section out to the Styx Bridge

Kaniere Road – 60km/h from Hokitika’s East Town Belt to the end of the Kaniere Residential Zone on Lake Kaniere Road

Kaniere Tram Road – 40km/h for the entire road

Pine Tree Road – 40km/h for the entire road

Seddon Terrace Road – 40km/h for the entire road

Beach Road (Kakapotahi) – 60km/h for the entire road

Gillespies Beach Road – 60km/h for the entire road

Hokitika CBD – 30km/h for the area encompassed by  Stafford Street to the North and Fitzherbert Street to the East

New speed limits are being trialled around the district.