Rural Fire Open Season

Rural fire open season: What does this mean for me?

Information about Fire Permits

Westland residents are able to light a fire in the open air without needing to get a fire permit, as long as you have permission from the relevant land owner. However, you are still responsible for the fire and must exercise caution, check the weather, be well prepared before lighting and ensure that the fire doesn’t get out of control and spread to vegetation or property.

Please remember that you need to:

  • locate the fire away from buildings, trees and fences
  • have a means to extinguish the fire
  • refrain from causing a smoke nuisance
  • check the weather conditions and if it’s possible, inform your nearest Fire Station.

Fires on Public Conservation Land are still restricted 365 days a year. This means that fire permits are required for all fires on Public Conservation Land other than for an approved campground fire or a fire lit for cooking or warmth using the following methods:

  • Enclosed drum or incinerator
  • Gas cooker or gas barbeque
  • Contained barbeque

Please note that the burning of any toxic waste (rubber, oil, plastic etc.) is not permitted at any time.

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Rural fire open season: What does this mean for me? Plus the latest information on getting a permit.