Resource Management

Council is required to promote the sustainable management of the district's natural and physical resources.

This is undertaken through the investigation and monitoring, and the preparation of a District Plan. Local communities are consulted throughout these processes.

The District Plan outlines policies and specifies how the policies will be implemented. This can include the provision of rules, which may require people to carry out their activities in accordance with these rules, or to apply for a resource consent. Other methods of implementing plan policies are monitoring and investigations, financial incentives, and education and advocacy.

The District Plan can be viewed at the Westland District Council Office or the Library, during normal working hours.

The Ministry for the Environment has provided a series of publications on everyday matters relating to the Resource Management Act 1991 and resource consent processes.

The guides can be viewed at

Resource Consent Fees

Please refer to the current Annual Plan for Fees and Charges.


The following application forms for Resource Consent are available:

If you require the approval of persons likely to be affected by a Resource Consent, the following form will need to be completed by each person so affected.

The following report is available:
The following applications have been limited notified:
The following is a listing of Resource Consents:

For more information contact the Council.