Resource Management


Council is required to promote the sustainable management of the district’s natural and physical resources.

This is undertaken through the investigation and monitoring, and the preparation of a District Plan. Local communities are consulted throughout these processes.

The District Plan outlines policies and specifies how the policies will be implemented. This can include the provision of rules, which may require people to carry out their activities in accordance with these rules, or to apply for a resource consent. Other methods of implementing plan policies are monitoring and investigations, financial incentives, and education and advocacy.

The District Plan can be viewed at the Westland District Council Office or the Library, during normal working hours.

The Ministry for the Environment has provided a series of publications on everyday matters relating to the Resource Management Act 1991 and resource consent processes.

The guides can be viewed at

If you are intending to subdivide, build or change the current activity on your property, you may require resource consent to do so.
If you wish to undertake a rezone of your property, or make changes to provisions in the District Plan, a plan change application will be required. Information on how to gain approval for your activity can be found by clicking on the relevant links below. Some activities may also require resource consent from the West Coast Regional Council, please contact our planning team at if you have any queries.

Unsure where to start?

We have a range of helpful brochures available below to help you along with the process. You can also always contact us with any queries.

Brochure – Rural Dwellings
Brochure – Subdivision
Brochure – AEE (Assessment of Environmental Effects)
Brochure – Vegetation Clearance


The following application forms for Resource Consent are available:

If you require the approval of persons likely to be affected by a Resource Consent, the following form will need to be completed by each person so affected.

Resource Consent Fees

Please refer to the current Annual Plan for Fees and Charges.

Other Information

Limited Notification Resource Consents

180013 &180014 - The Subdivision of a 5.4 Ha rural lot off Keogans Road into 10 rural- residential lots

List of Current Resource Consents
Click here to view a list of current Resource Consents.

Report on Aviation Noise and Public Health Issues Associated with the Aviation Industry in South Westland.