Rates Remissions

There are two ways that rates can be remitted. Either through the Local Government Rating Act or the Council Rates Remissions and Postponement Policies. The following sets out the criteria for each type.

 The Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, section 20 Rating units in common ownership states that:

Two or more rating units must be treated as 1 unit for setting a rate if those units are—

(a) owned by the same person or persons; and

(b) used jointly as a single unit; and

(c) contiguous or separated only by a road, railway, drain, water race, river, or stream.

This means that if you own two (or more) sections that are adjacent you are able to claim remission on some of the rates that those properties attract.

Please note that the remission is only available on specific rates, such as the UAGC and community rates. This remission does not affect the general rate.

Council Rates Remissions and Postponement Policies. The types of remissions or postponements available are as follows:

  • Remissions for Community, Sporting and other Organisations
  • Remission of Penalties
  • Remission of Wastewater Charges to Schools
  • Remission on New Subdivisions
  • Remission of Uniform Charges of Non-Contiguous Rating Units Owned by the Same Ratepayer
  • Remission and Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
  • Postponement for Extreme Financial Hardship


For more information on these please either refer to the policy or contact the rates officer on 03 756 9010.