Rates Remission Units in Common Ownership Form

Rates Remission Form

Rating Units in Common Ownership

The following information is requested so that the Council can review and appropriately treat rating units in common ownership as per the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 Section 20 which states that:
“Two or more rating units must be treated as 1 unit for setting a rate if those units are-
a) Owned by the same person or persons; and
b) Used jointly as a single unit; and
c) Contiguous or separated only by a road, railway, drain, water race, river or stream.”

Complete the online form below or Download a copy to submit to  .nz or post to Westland District Council, 36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitka 7842.

1. Applicant Details

2. Rating Unit Information

Please list the properties you hold in common ownership that you would like to be reviewed against the
Local Government (Rating) Act Section 20:

Enter the valuation number(s) for each property, and also advise how the property is used. Please include what activity is generating income if applicable. (E.g. dairy farming, sheep farming etc).
The exact same owner’s name must be on the certificate of titles.
If no, please detail exceptions in the textbox that appears below. (E.g. Properties 1 & 2 used jointly as one dairy farm, property 3 used for forestry and property 4 vacant land).
By submitting this form I agree that these details are true and correct.