Rates Remission - Non-Contiguous Rating Units

Rates Remission

Non-Contiguous Rating Units

This application is made under the council’s Policy on remission of Uniform Charges of Non-Contiguous* Rating Units Owned by the Same Ratepayer (click to view the policy).

*Non-contiguous means two or more properties not adjacent to each other. If your properties are adjacent, please complete the Rates Remission – Rating Units in Common Ownership form.

Complete the online for below or Download a copy to submit to   .nz or post to Westland District Council, 36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitka 7842.

1. Applicant Details

2. Rating Unit Information

Please list the properties you are applying for a remission on:

Enter the valuation number(s) for each property, advise how the property is used, the property location and the date of purchase.
Exactly the same owner’s name must be on the certificate of titles.
(Forestry is not eligible under this policy)
By submitting this form I agree that these details are true and correct.