Racecourse purchase

MEDIA RELEASE – 16 December 2019


Westland Racing Club land will stay with the community

The future of the grounds that house the Westland Racing Club has been secured with Council satisfactorily completing due diligence to purchase the property. This ensures that, following racing industry reforms, the land will be retained for the benefit of the community.

“This land plays an important part in the activities of the local community, with Riding for the Disabled and private users utilizing the grounds and Boys Brigade leasing part of it for their building”, says Simon Bastion, Chief Executive. “The next twelve months will be a transition phase and there is unlikely to be any change to current use.”

Council will identify the formal and informal agreements currently in place for the property over the next few months and formalise these. In the long term an overarching master plan will be developed and the community can expect to be consulted on these plans.

Mayor Bruce Smith commented “The gesture made by the Westland Racing club for the community is immeasurable, and a wonderful Christmas present for the district. The racecourse is an important asset for Westland and we want to make sure that it’s available for future generations.”


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Land at Westland Racing Club purchased for community benefit.