Public Consultation and Tenders

Public Consultation

Requests for public consultation will be advertised on our Public Notices page and on the front of the website. 

Current Consultation


West Coast and Buller roading survey

Westland, Grey and Buller District Councils have jointly launched a West Coast roading survey aimed at getting a more detailed understanding of how you experience Council-owned roads, bridges and footpaths.

The survey seeks to understand how residents, ratepayers and visitors rate their council roading network. It aims to understand three key things – what works well, what doesn’t work well, and what could be improved.  The survey focuses on council-controlled local roads, not the State Highway network, which is managed by NZTA.

This is part of a larger Combined Activity Management Programme that is being carried out to help the three Councils better understand, operate and improve their local roads. It will also help to build a case to support investment from central government.

At present, a big issue across all three Councils is the lack of consistent and reliable information on the roads and footpaths. Without this evidence, it is difficult to build the case for investment from NZTA and other government partners.

There are common challenges up and down the coast, including the weather, isolation, small communities, and distance from markets. It’s the ability to show this in an evidence-based way that is currently lacking, and that’s a big part of what this programme is looking to change

The survey will begin Wednesday 30 October and run for six weeks, closing Wednesday 11 December. Everyone is encouraged to let Council know their views by using our online survey

Alternatively, you can leave feedback at any Council office, where hard copy forms will be available. Once the information has been collected and analysed, the results will be shared with the community.

Please note: all responses are anonymous, however the results will be made publicly available. As much as possible, any identifiable comments will be redacted.

Tenders – Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS)

GETS is a free web-based service which allows you to view and respond to information on current New Zealand government tender opportunities. It is designed to promote open, fair competition in the New Zealand government market and meet international trade agreement commitments to provide information about New Zealand government business opportunities.

GETS enables New Zealand public sector agencies to publicly advertise tender opportunities and manage the tender process and any tender-related communications in a transparent and secure manner. All New Zealand public sector agencies, including local authorities, are encouraged to publish information on GETS. New Zealand public service departments, New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police are mandated to use GETS to publish all tender opportunities above minimum thresholds, refer to the Government Rules of Sourcing.

Visit the GETS website at

Information for suppliers can be found at the GETS page for supplier information at

Information on Westland District Council’s procurement strategy is available below.