Proposed Plan Change 8: Kumara Junction Developments Ltd

Kumara Junction Developments Ltd have applied to rezone 74 hectares of land at Kumara Junction, from “Rural” to “Small Settlement”. This application is proceeding as a Private Plan Change.

The Plan Change proposes changes to Small Settlement rules to ensure that development within the Kumara Junction Developments Ltd area is in accordance with the proposed Outline Development Plan. Specific rules relating to minimum areas of allotment per dwelling, retention of vegetation or screening along boundaries and maximum vegetation clearance are proposed. Minimum subdivision allotment sizes are proposed.

The Proposed Plan change was notified in the Hokitika Guardian and the Greymouth Evening Star on the 29th May 2012. 
A copy of the  public notice is available here.

Current Status

Council considered the recommendations of the Committee and Independent Commissioner and resolved to adopt the recommendations and approve Plan Change 8  at their meeting of October 25th 2012.

Plan Change 8 has therefore been approved pursuant to the 1st Schedule of the Act, and the Westland District Plan is amended accordingly.

The decision of Council on the Plan Change and each individual submission and further submission is available below.

This decision includes a marked up copy of the changes to the District Plan as Appendix C. These changes have been included into the electronic copy of the District Plan available on the website.

The public notice of this decision is below. Further public notice will be provided by Council prior to the provisions of the Plan becoming fully operative.


The hearing for this plan change was held on Friday 5 October commencing at 11.30 am. The hearing was conducted by the Strategy Committee, assisted by Martin Kennedy of West Coast Planning Ltd.

The report prepared by Council staff is available below:

Further Submissions

A summary of submissions and the associated requested decisions from Council has been created.

A copy is available to view here. Hard copies are also available to view at Westland District Council offices and Westland District Library.


Following a submission from the New Zealand Transport Agency, the application has proposed an additional provision to be inserted into the Westland District Plan, that requires further assessment of traffic effects and the possible upgrading of the intersection of Sanctuary Place and the State Highway, when a subdivision is proposed that will result in over 1000 vehicle movements per day using the intersection.  The amended plan change wording that includes this provision is available here.

The Application

The application for the plan change and associated documents are available below:

The officer for enquiries is  Rebecca Beaumont, District Planner.

For more information  contact the Council.