Plan Change 7: Managing Fault Rupture Risk in Westland

Westland District Council has developed Plan Change 7 for the following purpose

To manage development within areas predicted to be subject to fault rupture risk to reduce the effect of this natural hazard and provide for the health and safety of the District’s residents and visitors.

Current Status:

The Commissioners have released their decision on Plan Change 7 and associated submissions on May 18 2015. The decision approves the plan change subject to modifications. This  plan change now has legal effect.

The decision is available here. 

This Plan Change decision has been appealed to the Environment Court.  The parties have agreed to place the appeal on hold until October 2016.  The provisions set out within the Commissioner’s decision continues to have legal effect.

Hard copies are available for view at Westland District Council, the Westland Library and on request. 


 The Hearing for this Plan Change was held in Franz Josef on 30th and 31st March 2015 at the Scenic Circles Mueller Wing in Franz Josef. Independent Commissioners Gary Rae and John Lumsden requested further information, which was circulated and the hearing was closed on 7 April 2015.

Hearing documents: 


Summary of Submissions:

Plan Change Documents:

The Plan Change has been based on two technical reports undertaken by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS):

Dr Langridge of GNS gave a presentation on the two above reports and the Alpine Fault in general in Franz Josef on 29 February 2012.  His presentation is available here. 

What does this Plan Change mean?

The Council has signalled that it wants to change the District Plan.  These changes do not become Operative until Council has notified its decisions on the Plan Change.

Land Information Memorandum:

Westland District Council is required to pass on information that it holds on hazards onto any person that applies for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) in the future so people will be advised if the subject property is located within the Fault Rupture Hazard Area.

Building Consent Applications:

When assessing applications for building consents, the District Council is required to safeguard people from injury caused by failure of a structure and loss of amenity due to behaviour of a building.  Any building consent application will need to be accompanied by a statement from a suitably qualified engineer that the building will perform post fault rupture.  In the Council’s view, this certification may be difficult to obtain.

Any commercial building will be subject to the Earthquake Prone Building Policy.

The officer is enquiries is Rebecca Beaumont, District Planner.

For more information contact the Council.