Our people, our stories: Carol Cameron

  • Carnipaws, Hokitika

Our people, our stories

Hokitika provides great lifestyle and a chance to pursue lifelong dreams

Carol Cameron, owner of Hokitika’s new pet food store, Carnipaws, and husband Wayne moved to Hokitika after living in Auckland. They knew that they couldn’t afford to retire in Auckland. So after making several trips to Hokitika to scope out the town, and forming great social connections with members of the Hokitika Chartered Club, they decided to take the plunge and make Hokitika their new home.

“What attracted us was the value for money that Hokitika provides. We’re lucky to have family close by, people are friendly and supportive here and we’re able to live off the grid which we really like,” says Carol.

Carol opened her store Carnipaws on 18 May 2017 on Sewell Street and spends everyday meeting people who are passionate about their cats and dogs. The store represents the fulfilment of a lifelong interest in both nutrition and animals.

“When I was a kid I always wanted to be a vet, but girls didn’t do that back in the day. I’m in the stage of life where I should be starting to retire but I’m actually ramping up instead. After a lot of hard work, I’m close to completing my Pet Nutritionist qualification.”

“My store sells competitively priced dog and cat food based on a primordial diet, which essentially just means what animals used to eat before humans intervened. Studies show that overall animal health has decreased over the last few decades around the same time that there was more of an increase in wheat-based dry foods for animals. People come into my store and they’re surprised to find such good quality nutritional food for their pets that is on par with prices for pet food sold elsewhere.”

“I’m currently looking to expand my business by offering a pet grooming service in-house but I haven’t been able to find a pet groomer yet so if anyone knows of someone, let me know.”

“Hokitika is a great place to live and work. It’s funny to think that a traffic jam in Hokitika is four cars at the roundabout on the way to work in the morning compared to what I would be dealing with if I was still in Auckland.”