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Dog registration fees 2024/2025

Pursuant to The Dog Control Act 1996

Notice is hereby given dog registration fees in Westland District for the 2024-25 dog registration year due on 1st July 2024 are:

Hokitika and Kaniere township (urban) - full year $74
Other areas (rural) - full year $58

20% discount for Gold Card holders. Gold Card must be presented at the time of payment.

Late registrations (received on or after 1st August 2024) will incur an additional 50% fee penalty.

It is an offence to be the owner a dog of a greater age than 3 months unless the dog is registered for the current registration year.

An unregistered dog may be seized and impounded, and an infringement notice ($300 fee) for failure to register a dog may be issued.

Registration fees for dogs that were less than 3 months old or were newly imported into New Zealand or were newly acquired on or after 2nd August 2024 will be proportionate to the number of complete months remaining in the registration year.

Dog registration extends throughout and is transferable between Districts of New Zealand.