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Council joins 3 Waters Campaign


As the Government continues to push forward with reforming the management of 3 waters, Westland District Council intends to work with other Councils around the country to campaign against the mandate.

“We have shared our feedback with the Government and their response makes the process seem like a waste of time,” advises Westland Mayor, Bruce Smith. “As far as we can tell, the decision was made well before they asked us to talk to our communities. They didn’t get the response they expected so went ahead anyway. We are going to have to advocate strongly for our communities and working together as a group will be more effective than each individual working Council alone.

My team of Councillors agree that we need to join with other Councils as partners in the campaign against the 3 Waters mandate. Today we resolved to sign the Memorandum of Understanding and provide a small financial contribution of $10,000 towards the programme of works. I will represent Council and our community on behalf of the campaign with the aim to convince the Government to reconsider its direction and take another look at the options given by Councils during the feedback process.

We have always been clear that we agree with the aim of the 3 waters reform to improve health and environmental standards for the community, but we believe that there are better ways to do this. In our letter to the Minister, like many other Councils, we asked for a pause in the reform and it is very disappointing that the reform carried on regardless of community opinion and the feedback received.

Collaborating with other Councils will give smaller Councils like ours a louder voice to show the Government that they need to listen to our communities and review their approach.”  



Media enquiries to:

Emma Rae, Strategy and Communications Advisor